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Card mechanics are common behavior or effects found on many cards in Star Trek Adversaries and which are identified by a keyword.

List of mechanics[edit | edit source]

  • Play: An effect is triggered when this ship is played.
  • Disable: Disabled ships cannot attack or retreat.
  • Retreat: Use this ship's action to leave the battlefield and refund its energy cost.
  • Core Breach: An effect is triggered when this ship is destroyed.
  • Guardian: Enemies must attack this ship.
  • Bloodthirst: An effect is triggered when this ship enters a damaged state.
  • Haste: May attack the turn it is played.
  • Modulating Shields: A shield that absorbs all incoming damage and is then consumed.
  • Stealth: Cannot be targeted while Stealthed.
  • Trample: When this ship destroys its target, remaining damage is dealt to the enemy Flagship.
  • Commander: When the Command slot on this ship is filled, an effect is triggered.
  • Cloaking Device: If this ship takes no action this turn, return to Stealth.
  • Jamming: Take no damage when attacking.
  • Neutralize: All effects buffs on this ship are canceled.
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