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Modulating Shields

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Modulating Shields is a card mechanic in Star Trek Adversaries.

The modulating shields mechanics protects a ship from any amount of damage in a single attack, but then the shield is expended.

List of cards relevant to Modulating Shields[edit | edit source]

Name Faction Flagship Stars Type Cost Atk Def Effect
Janice Rand Federation 1 Crew 1 1 1 Play: Give Modulating Shields if played on a ship with Haste.
Type 15 Shuttlepod Federation 1 Ship 2 1 1 Guardian and Modulating Shields.
Galaxy Class Starship Federation 2 Ship 5 4 5 Guardian, Commander: Gain Modulating Shields.
Reyga Neutral 2 Crew 2 0 2 Play: Give target friendly ship Modulating Shields.
Stolen Type 7 Shuttlecraft Neutral 2 Crew 1 1 1 Modulating Shields
Type 15 Escort Shuttlepod Federation Intrepid Class 2 Ship 2 1 3 Guardian, When a friendly ship Retreats. gain Modulating Shields.
Type 15 Recon Shuttlepod Federation Constellation Class 2 Ship 2 2 1 Play: Grant +1/+1 and Modulating Shields to target friendly ship.
Type 6 Research Shuttlecraft Federation Miranda Class 2 Ship 2 1 2 Modulating Shields, Retreat: Reduce the cost of all cards in hand by 1.
Voth Research Ship Neutral 2 Ship 4 3 3 Modulating Shields
Constellation Class Prototype Federation Constellation Class 3 Ship 4 3 6 Guardian, Commander: Gain Modulating Shields.
Shield Generators Federation Intrepid Class 3 Event 2 Give Modulating Shields to target friendly ship that benefits from Retreat.
Borg Sphere Neutral 4 Ship 6 5 2 Modulating Shields and Haste.
Extend Shields Federation Galaxy Class 4 Event 5 Give +3/+3 and Modulating Shields to target friendly ship.
Hugh of Borg Neutral 4 Crew 4 1 0 Guardian and Modulating Shields.
Kazon Heavy Carrier Neutral 4 Ship 5 3 4 Guardian, Modulating Shields
Rerouted Shields Federation Constellation Class 5 Event 4 Remove all Modulating Shields from your ships and deal 3 damage to all enemy ships for each shield removed.
USS Bellerophon NCC-74705 Federation Intrepid Class 5 Ship 7 6 5 Guardian, When a friendly ship Retreats gain Modulating Shields.
USS Victory NCC-9754 Federation Constellation Class 5 Ship 4 2 4 Play: Give adjacent ships Modulating Shields.
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E Federation 9 Ship 9 7 9 Guardian, Modulating Shields, Play: Restore 8 Hit Points to your Flagship.