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Trample is a card mechanic in Star Trek Adversaries.

The trample mechanic applies any damage in excess of that needed to destroy an enemy ship to the enemy Flagship.

List of cards relevant to Trample[edit | edit source]

Name Faction Flagship Stars Type Cost Atk Def Effect
B'rel Bird of Prey Klingon 2 Ship 3 3 3 Cloaking Device and Trample.
Bird of Prey Wingleader Klingon Qugh Destroyer 2 Ship 2 2 2 Cloaking Device, Trample, Give adjacent ships +1 Attack.
Disruptor Upgrade Klingon Qugh Destroyer 2 Event 2 Give target friendly ship with Trample +3 Attack until end of turn.
Gorn Warship Neutral 3 Ship 4 4 4 Trample
IKS Vor'nak Klingon 3 Ship 4 3 3 Cloaking Device, Trample, +3 Attack when attacking a ship with Guardian.
Lust for Battle Klingon Qugh Destroyer 3 Event 3 Target friendly ship with Trample gains Jamming.
Qatlh Destroyer Klingon Qugh Destroyer 3 Ship 4 4 2 Haste and Trample.
IKS De'Garaz Klingon Qugh Destroyer 4 Ship 5 4 2 Cloaking Device and Trample, Play: Reduce target enemy ship Hit Points to 1.
IKS Rel'Ka Klingon 4 Ship 4 5 4 Cloaking Device, Commander: Gain Trample.
IKS Toh'Kaht Klingon 4 Ship 6 4 4 Cloaking Device, Trample, Bloodthirst: Summon a "B'rel Bird of Prey".
Qatlh Class Klingon 4 Ship 4 5 3 Trample
Rogue D'deridex Warbird Neutral 4 Ship 7 6 6 Cloaking Device and Trample.
Augment Bird of Prey Neutral 5 Ship 5 6 2 Haste, Trample
For Kahless! Klingon Qugh Destroyer 5 Event 6 Give +5 Attack to target friendly ship with Trample until end of turn.
IKS Bortas Klingon 5 Ship 8 5 4 Cloaking Device, Trample. Play: Deal 3 damage to two random enemy ships.
IKS Kah'Lar Klingon Qugh Destroyer 5 Ship 6 5 3 Cloaking Device and Trample, Give adjacent ships +2 Attack.
IKS Ta'rom Klingon Negh'Var Battlecruiser 5 Ship 5 4 4 Haste and Trample.
Kronos One Klingon 5 Ship 6 6 5 Cloaking Device, Trample, Play: Adjacent ships gain Guardian.
Worf Federation 5 Crew 4 3 0 Trample, Deal +4 damage when attacking the enemy Flagship.