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NX Class

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"NX Class"
NX Class.jpg
Faction Federation
Summon a "Shuttlepod Prototype" - 2/1: Haste.
Summon a "Ganges Class" - 6/2: Haste, Core Breach: Draw two cards.

The NX Class is a Flagship is Star Trek Adversaries.

Core Cards[edit | edit source]

Name Faction Flagship Stars Type Cost Atk Def Effect
Friendly Reinforcements Federation NX Class 2 Event 1 Draw until you have 4 cards in your hand.
Shuttlepod 1 Federation NX Class 2 Ship 1 1 1 Play: Give all friendly ships with Haste +1 Attack.
Emergency Orders Federation NX Class 3 Event 4 Give +2 Attack and Jamming to target friendly ship.
NX Class Refit Prototype Federation NX Class 3 Ship 3 3 2 Haste, Play: Remove Guardian from target ship until end of turn.
Assault Team Federation NX Class 4 Event 3 Steal 10 Auxiliary Power from the enemy Flagship.
SS Emmette Federation NX Class 4 Ship 5 5 2 Haste
USS Republic NCC-415 Federation NX Class 4 Ship 4 4 4 Haste, Play: If you have 3 other cards or fewer in your hand, gain +3 Attack.
Once More unto the Breach Federation NX Class 5 Event 6 Target friendly ship with Haste deals its damage to the enemy Flagship, and is then destroyed.

Strategy[edit | edit source]